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BRAND JORDAN announced with TUNES LOONEY since 1996 JAM SPACE after re cooperation, the introduction of JORDAN HARE products, sneaker must be very much looking forward to this even alien monster also defeated combination. And next week Jordan brand will launch air jordan retro & quot; Marvin the MARTIAN" and although not the crossover of the formal product, but have seen Space Jam know color from the "referee" Marvin the MARTIAN!,actually, THE MARTIAN MARVIN officially on the JORDAN AIR advertising debut is 1993 JORDAN AIR 8. number: 705350-007 release date: March 7th when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Immediately s Cheap air jordans for sale earch Apple App store to download and install the artifact APP-- artifact when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when the guest"!! source: hk-kicksAlthough is long winded many times, but I still have to introduce again Fixed Gear. When is it dead fly do promotion! --- what is a dead fly? Gear Fixed Bike--- and said track bike, Japanese auction round. In Chinese will be more accurate to say is "fixed gear bike", relative to our everyday activities flywheel ", everyone says the flywheel for dead fly, the domestic commonly known fixed gear speed for the dead. History of the fixed gear, a lot of people have may say is Japan, out of Asia, we cheap jordans for sale mens , in fact, the fixed gear bike is originated from New York, source modification in some kind of bike enthusiasts stepped on the bike. Death coaster originated in cycling, the flywheel is fixed on the car forward, forward, backward, backward on the car, after the use of abandoned bicycle enthusiasts some offbeat venues as transport vehicle. death speed model is simple, retro style, both modern and classical, so it is respected by the fashion world, many people in the fashion industry is used as a daily transport. Major bike brands also follow up, develop and promote the death of a car, so that the popularity of the public to become the city's most popular bike style. P cheap jordans online ure death coaster need certain technology, and there is a risk, so these manufacturers to develop products, is a dead fly and live fly dual-use, and equipped with a brake, to ensure safety. Later, the death of speed to Tokyo, Japan, in the trend of the godfather Teng Yuan Hao packaging and promotion, evolved into a fashion with the nature of the trend, becoming the main force of the tide of culture. its accessories simple, young people can be free to replace the different colors and styles of accessories, assemble their own style. Riding requires a certain technology, and can play out tricks, so that the death of a car more stylish and fun! this movement also has cert Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ain danger, its gear and the crank is completely together, commonly known as "dead fly wheel"". That is to say it can not move backwards pulley, forward, back is back. Some people have called the "coaster brake", but it is because of this structure to enable them to make slide and retrogression a series of difficult movements. FixedGear and this sport is extremely energetic, imagine when you ride fast, no bicycle brake auxiliary time, if you want to immediately stop must have considerable skill and strength. in the dead fly field stop called "drift", the drift is opposite pedal movement skill is very difficult to stop the rotation of the rear. All the weight placed in Retro jordans for sale front of the drift length can be longer, this action can impress others. If you want to quickly stop the rider need can jump stop instead, like parking in the crowded road. 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One Star is the use of black suede, side of the white car line outline mark and circle pattern of stars, and on the bottom of more "CRAFT WITH with NEIGHBORHOOD PRIDE NEIGHB Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ORHOOD TOKYO EST 1994". more NEIGHBORHOOD x Converse joint series of news, but also please pay attention to get APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] May 6, according to foreign media reports, Nike hope to achieve as Apple digital music, and Amazon as established position in the online bookstore field in the fitness applications. Once released FuelBand wristband 2, Nike decided to withdraw from the hardware market wearable device, the business foc cheap jordan shoes for men us to fitness applications, Samsung and other companies to develop applications wearable device. Morningstar analyst at market research firm Paul? Sven Nande (Paul Swinand) said, "Nike's real intention is to build relationships with customers, which is the highest goal." Nike will use a digital strategy to help achieve its ambitious sales goals. Nike is expected to last year, the fiscal year ending May 2017, and the company's revenue will reach $ 36 billion, an average annual compound growth rate of 9.2%. In the 12 months ended in late February, Nike, revenue grew 8.1%. In view of the wearable devices on the market competition has become increasingly fierce, Nike' cheap jordans for sale s business focus adjustment easy to understand why. Samsung announced in February called Gear Fit, the price of $ 200 fitness wristband. It is reported that Apple will also be involved in this field. Smartphone fitness applications like mushroomed have emerged. Nike recently most employees FuelBand businesses were downsizing and reorientation process. Nike did not confirm CNET last month plans for Nike plans to stop production FuelBand hardware, but said that in the "foreseeable future," the company will continue to "sell and support the" latest model of Nike + FuelBand SE. 2012 launched FuelBand is widely considered to be involved in the wearable device market Nike wise, because the wearable device is considered to be the next engine of growth in the technology industry round. FuelBand being sought on social networks, Nike and thus establish a innovator's image. price of $ 149 FuelBand can capture the user's health data and upload it to Apple devices via Bluetooth connection. FuelBand also with the social network of fitness enthusiasts Nike + close integration. Although Nike + provides a convenient way to access the online store, and its main purpose is to encourage more users to use the Nike brand products. Nike FuelBand did not disclose sales, but there is no doubt, that FuelBand encourage more users to access the Nike +. Since FuelBand release, Nike + subscriber growth of more than 3-fold to 28 million. Nike plans to make another Nike + users worldwide increased by more than 2-fold to 100 million. Nike said in measuring their effect, the software is more effective than the calories consumed. Users can win points Fuel, Fuel points generated by an algorithm, indicates that the user to complete an activity consumes much oxygen. Nike said the monitoring results quite accurately, without the user's age, gender, body weight. If you can create a user-friendly Fuel fight fitness applications, over the next few years, Nike will get a lot of loyal users. To succeed, we need to expand the Nike Fuel audience reach to people outside running enthusiasts. Nike is not the only company to attract users to participate in the community through fitness applications. Armour also considered hardware products last year, but eventually gave up the relevant plans, in December last year spent $ 120 million acquisition of software developer MapMyFitness. MapMyFitness has 24 million users. Nike last month set up a Nike + Fuel Laboratory, aims to collaborate with technology companies to develop products using the Fuel algorithm. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)